Saturday, March 17, 2012

Been Awhile

My sister-in-law Michelle says she checks my blog everyday for an update. It has been a while & this is for her. You would think I should just call her to tell her how we are doing & to see how they are doing. The problem is by the time we are able or think about it, it is to late & I am sure everyone is in bed. Hate this time zone stuff. We do think of our family close & far & hope that all is going well. So on to the update.
We will start with Madilyn because of course she is the most important:):) She is doing fabulously. She is growing like a weed, a very pretty weed. She is walking, running & talking. She can says Hi, Bye, Boot, Doggie, Baby, Mommy, Daddy, Thank You, I love you, Cracker & of course NO! She can sign more, please & milk. She loves to listen to music. We will give her our iphones with music playing & she will walk around the house just dancing & singing. It is so precious. This girl won't sit still for anything. She is constantly moving & we like it. She doesn't watch TV, which I LOVE!!! She does like to stand on the stool & watch me bake. Well actually she loves to get into our silverware drawer & pull out all the spoons & forks & pretend she is stirring something. She has to be everywhere we are & has to know what is going on at all times. We are waiting patiently for the snow to melt to go out & play. This summer better be an Indian summer & no rain. I think as much snow we have gotten this winter it should make up for no rain this summer. We live next to a park & we will be living there. I think we should just have our mail forwarded there:). She is so much fun & we love her to pieces.
On to Brad, he is now a courier & is liking it. He is actually hoping to become an electrician. He is on a waiting list for a school & hopes to be picked up this summer to start training/learning the ropes. It is long process & we just have to be patient. He would do a great job. He has a great mind for that kind of work & a good work ethic. The down fall of this line of work is he maybe out of town for work. But such is life in Alaska. If that doesn't work out, FedEx is a great company. Time will only tell. But that is my Brad.
Now on to me. Well since the last post I had surgery. Which of course has been great since & loving it & happy I did it. That is that. For me the biggest change was switching jobs last May. I wanted to spend more time with Madilyn & less time at work. So I went back to the hospital & this time doing what I want to do. I am now a mother baby nurse working days. LOVE IT!!! I am so happy with the change & so is our family. I still work full time but now only work three days instead of five. It is hard sometimes to work 12-hour shifts, but knowing I get four days off with my Madilyn is the best. Also my calling in the church keeps me busy. I am now the 1st counselor in the Stake RS Presidency. I was secretary for 4 yrs & was moved to 1st counselor. We have Women's Conference coming up in April & am so excited for it. Lots of fun. I work with fabulous women that have been & are great examples to me. Anything else. Nope.
The dogs are dogs. Lucy & Abigail are so good with Madilyn & they are getting so fat thanks to Madilyn feeding them her food!
Life is good & couldn't be any happier. We are thankful for the blessings we have received & are excited to see what fun things are ahead for us.

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